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These are our first shepherds...we thought and read the straight back was very much part of the distinction of the working line...a lady that does lots of AKC shows...not sure if her experience is the best or if she has her own idea of what a shepherd is....she told us he needed to have a rounded back....I explained we had bought the working parent was a import and the other was from an the family had straight backs and all the dogs in the family are Germany, US or both. She stood her ground and I just switched the topic to training....:-)
Some people will bully you with their opinions and never understand or hear anything but their idea or opinion. They are both in training every Saturday....a guy who trains owns and works five of his own working line dogs...very talented man... Definitely challenging our dogs....the pups just turned a year....trying to decide what direction to head as far as trial or competitions.
As far as lady that gave us her number, who was very interested, said if we agreed and she was able to use him as a stud after researching family lines....she said he would need conformation....??? That is why I mentioned conformation! I have read all day...and I feel like I am on information over load...but since they reached a year old and are getting so advanced in training...we really have to decide in what direction we will be heading...
Thank you....I love them both so much...but know he has sharper features than Millie who has the classic shepherd eyes, mussel and ears...:-/

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