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Opinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?

This is not something we are interested in....these are our first shepherds.....never considered breeding or allowing people to use them for breeding....not sure what it would be involved, but seems like a lot to learn and worry. Someone mentioned this site to post pics and get opinions if I should consider it...I personally would never do the female...because we don't want puppies here...and don't want the headache of it...but opinions about Miles would be welcomed. I read tonight, for proper breeding, people want multiple titles, conformations especially for our working lines shepherds. If miles does not fit the bill...I don't want to start any process of conformations, something that is focused on interest in breeding if he is not what the breed is looking for. He is a year old, so he has some growing to do and filling out to do....he has tons of work, play, prey drive....but his looks don't seem like other shepherds....even though we know he is, and his litter mate/sister looks like shepherd and the papers and family lines say he is...people say he does not look like a shepherd. Thank you for any opinions and advice....has anyone gone through conformations? These are the pics I had access to on my phone....if you need different angles I will add them. [ATTACH]162282Opinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322658.625359.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322676.775281.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322685.005993.jpg[/ATTACH]Opinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322086.458098.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322140.175945.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322206.292858.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322238.742284.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322263.408641.jpgOpinions...people asking us to breed our dogs?-imageuploadedbypg-free1389322639.407532.jpg

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