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So I come here...

I cannot find a single friend today (or may even have been years). So I come here...

I am unwell again. I cannot get these thoughts out of my head: thoughts of using Smokey's leash as a hangman's noose against the fan, or jumping off the mall parking structure, or leaving the car engine on in the garage on and on and on...

I feel so dark. So alone. I feel so crippled and tied down. And yet I feel so desensitized and detached from reality.

I am at a loss and I am tired. I looked up an animal shelter nearby today. I want to drop all 8 of my critters off there and just end my life. My fear is that they will be euthanized or worse yet ill treated. I do not know what to do because I feel I cannot take care of myself any more let alone them. I do not know who or where to turn to.

I am not asking for advice or for attention or even for encouragement nor am I trying to scare anyone. I am just sad today and wish someone knew...So I come here...

That is all.
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