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Getting aggressive early

My nearly 11 week old GSD is starting to get a little bit more aggressive than initially anticipated. He has been going for pants, shirts, coats while my wife or I are wearing them (already ripped through a few). He is also now starting to bite his lead and growling a bit.

Nothing to the scale of him biting intentionally to hurt, I am just a little surprised this side of aggression is coming out at this age. I expected a little older.

Anything that I should be concerned about? Are there some tips to try to keep him on the calmer side? For instance I need to keep him on a short lead as he is lunging for my pants, and he can do this for minutes. If he does latch on I usually get him to break and then I will hold him down for a few seconds trying to calm him. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not (50/50).
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