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Possible rawhide issue

I am a new Shepherd owner, adopted Chai less than a month ago, she is about a year and half.

While taking her for a walk last night, I got locked out of my place and had to use my neighbor's phone. He kindly gave Chai a rawhide stick. I had no idea until today that they can be a problem to Shepherds. She was really going to town on it last night but I didn't notice if she left it or gulped it down. She ate fine this morning and pooped. I will scour the house tonight so see if there are leftovers, but I am doubting it.

My co-worker just told me a horror story of her Shepherd having surgery because of a blockage from a rawhide-like Greenie. I will NEVER give her rawhide again, not worth the risk.

What symptoms of a possible blockage, even partial, should I look for?

Also, she loved the rawhide, any treat similar to it that I can give her that she may like just as much but that doesn't need supervision?
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