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Originally Posted by halo2013 View Post
Yes I know this I am a dog trainer. Who just pissed a whole because I mentioned the use of it

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Lol, who's mad? The only one that's mad so far is you. I understand, I've been on your end of this debate, it's frustrating and angering. I just don't think it's a huge fight worth picking. Everyone will train the way they train, if people ask me about ecollars I try and educate why/how/when they are used in our program (if they're used).

I personally like the idea behind them even better than the pinch because it removes the connection of the negative to the trainer/handler, and can result in conflict-free training as well as crystal clear instructions to the dog. There are, of course, down sides like any other tool. I just am tired of this debate, it's usually the fanatics that start slinging crazy dog abuse/lack of experience/inability to connect enough with the dog resulting in "need" for the ecollar-type allegations....and neither I nor you are going to convince those personalities that an ecollar isn't the evil "electric bolt/shock/electrocuting" (whatever other fear inducing buzz word is currently being used) abuse device they claim it to be.

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