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My Puppy would literally do ANYTHING for a rawhide or bone... I have read and heard they are bad so I have totally avoided it. The vet said I could give him one for a short period and take it if he it too rough with it or is trying to ingest it. My roommate gives their dog rawhides and bones and Chief is always running to the other dogs crate to make a score on one. Today he got a rawhide roll and I let him have it for about 5-10 minutes called him to get him to leave it and low and behold he comes running with it in his mouth. I traded with him and swiped the roll when he looked away. He covered the whole house floor looking for where it went. It seems that this is an incredibly high value treat for him. I wanted to avoid giving these to him but if he sees them as that high value is there an alternative or am I completely nuts?
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