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1 year old now scared to go up stairs

My one year old is very scared to go up the stairs in my house. She has been going up and down these stairs since she was a puppy. They are wood and a bit slippery and I think she had a slip recently. I noticed she would just sit at the bottom of the stairs and look up, you can tell she wants to be up stairs with us but is afraid to take the step.

I know she can do the stairs just yesterday when I came home I said hi to her and went up stairs she was excited so she ran right up after me. She was always anxious about stairs and would sprint up them as fast as possible, but tempting her to come up with a treat always worked before recently. I was worried about her stair anxiety so I went out last night and got carpet stair runners to help her from slipping any more. Since then she will not go up them. She will put her two front legs on the stairs but won't go any further. You can tell she wants to she attempts it over and over but is scared to take the plunge.

I carried her up the stairs a couple times thinking that if she goes down and feels the new carpet it might help her. She has no issues going down the stairs at all, but once at the bottom she won't go back up.

I have tried standing at the top and calling her, putting treats on stairs in the middle, standing at the top with every one of her favorite toys, standing at the top with all sorts of treats, going down with her and giving her treats and encouraging her to go up, staying upstairs and just ignoring her. I used to be able to take her up on a lead but now if I get anywhere near the steps with a lead on she freaks out like I'm trying to beat her.

She doesn't seem to be in pain, she runs, jumps and plays like there is no problem anywhere else in the house. I have had her xray a month ago the vet found a minor problem with one of her hips, the vet, the orthopedic surgeon both said it was pretty minor and she shouldn't be feeling pain from it right now. The opinion on this forum seemed to be the same when I posted the xray.

Any opinions are appreciated this is starting to really worry me.

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