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Unhappy Yeast/Anti-Itch Diet

Hi folks,

I've got a two year old Christmas baby GSD with severe allergies that have been confirmed by blood tests. He is currently on allergy shots to help with his external allergies like grass and certain trees.

I've modified his diet with Purina One Beyond to avoid wheat, corn, peas, potatoes and pretty much all starches (tests confirm he's allergic to almost all of them). In addition he is allergic to pork.

He also is suffering from a chronic yeast issue that leaves him very itchy and with black scaley hairless skin (from itching I suppose).

I've been suggested by many two switch him to a raw food diet but I'm weary for fear of malnutrition and possible salmonella poisoning (vet advised against it do to salmonella and other possible illnesses related to raw feeding). They suggested cooking the meats first but not including bones (after cooking they splinter)

I'm looking for some serious guidance here. Im looking to help my pride and joy Panzer get better and lead a full happy life. If raw food diet is the ticket I'm all for it. With my dog being sick as he is with this chronic yeast/itchy skin problem, how should I start him off?

Can someone provide a list of what Raw Meaty Bones are considered for each source of protein (i.e. chicken, beef, etc.) I'd like the same detailed list for muscle meat and the last category as well please.

Should I use supplements to help prevent malnourishment from a raw meat diet?

My GSD weighs about 70 pounds give or take 5 pounds, is 2 years old, and due to this skin condition he isn't very active right now.....(He has no hair on roughly 40% of his body maybe more and its been below 20 degrees here for well over a few months......) The best I can do so he doesn't get sick is throw the ball with him for an hour or so in the house but there isn't that much room for him to really run and be truly active. I suppose it's more for his spirits if anything else.......Please help! My GSD looks like he's miserable!!!!

Thanks guys for all your help.
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