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Tilting head when yawning....

We have two/1 year old pups. They are the light of our life! They go and do everything we do, including eating at outdoor restaurants, frozen yogurt places and shopping. My kids never want to be without them. Hiking, swimming, day trips to antique, beach, drive in movies, carline, grocery store, lowes, pet stores, lakes, any woods we decide to hike or walk through, eating establishments all over town, parks, agility centers, play dates, and Millie's therapy work visiting hospitals cheering up the sick.

Our female Millie, loves to grab sticks and run from miles (her fur brother)....I noticed the next day she was having a hard time yawning, the following day she could not yawn or chew without tilting her head. She could not open her mouth very much and we had to soften her food so she would not whine. We took her to the vet, they did not want to hurt her, and did not want to put her under unless absolutely they gave her strong antibiotics, and a steroid to help with the swelling and pain. The vet spoke to a specialist (this vet goes above and beyond)....and he felt it was an injury, that caused an abscess....Millie's symptoms very much sounded like what the diagnoses would match. After her first dose of meds she was communicating she wanted a treat, and was opening her mouth a little day 3 she was completely back to her old self...she was snatching toys to get miles to chase her...her favorite game with her fur brother...over the last two days....when she yawns she is tilting her head again!!! While she was recovering last time, we saw the vet 6 times just to make sure she was chewing properly and that the swelling was going down like it should. So we have no problem taking her back! I just would like to know if anyone else has experienced this??? My kids are so upset and afraid she will get sick again.
There is no swelling, no marks in her mouth or around the gums. She is eating normally, Orijen puppy formula, grain free and wonderful reviews. They love the food, their coats are so soft, silky and smooth, they barely shed....and she never has had a reaction to the food before, she has been on it since she was 2 months old...! She still has ALL of her energy to play and harass her brother. They tested for yeast In the ears, they were spotless, so no infections.
The only symptoms....she will slowly grab her chuck it balls, and when she yawn...her head tilts to one side!
Someone told us we take them to many places she could have gotten some weird Bactria or injury...that dogs should not have to go everywhere their people go. Guess that is more my girls, but the dogs never turn down the chance to get in the car. Very worried parents....she has an appointment Monday if she is not better or it gets worse, I would just like to know what topics to discuss to find a solution! This is the first time she has be hurt or sick and we are so worried. If anyone has any ideas or has seen injuries like this please let us know which direction to lead the vet in....or should I skip the normal vet and go straight to the specialist?

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