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Legend, 9 weeks - 11 weeks

Some pics of Legend over the past few weeks (going backwards)...

My brown dogs, Legend and Indy (1 year old pit mix), put on the bed to warm up my spot but definitely plotting against me!

That's more what I had in mind!

Indy always likes to lie directly in front of the stove heater and taught Legend to do the same

11 weeks old, the ear only folds when he's sleeping or just woken up

This is the cuddliest puppy I've ever had! He sleeps on my lap or in my arms several times a day. I usually try not to coddle puppies, but they are only this small for a few weeks and he's won me over.

He also likes to pile up his toys and sleep on them

How did people raise puppies and stay sane, before Nylabones?! lol

He can be so wild, I only get good pics when he's passed out

Dad and son paws

Father son bonding?

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