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Advantage multi and bad breath?

Anyone use advantage multi and experience bad breath in their fur babies? OMG, I tried advantage multi this month on Silas instead of trifexis and about 2 days after I gave it to him I started smelling this foul Oder like urine almost kind of metallic smell. Then I realized it was Silas. I was thinking my goodness did he get into some pee from the other dogs as he is very curious...
Then after a few days he still had it. I smelled the rest of his body and it was nice and fresh, then he was laying on me the other night on the couch and the spot I put the advantage multi on (his neck area) hit me slam in then nose and there it was the same smell on his breath. So after looking it up it seems others have had the same experience so I wanted to see if anyone here has experienced it. Just seems weird that if that is what it is I am not smelling it on other places of his body.

Now granted he is also still cutting teeth so I am sure that is the culprit to some of it.
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