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Cool New Here

Well hello everyone, as you can see i am new here (it's always scary to be in a new place ) So......hmmm.....what to say.....I got a GSD, first one as a matter of fact, and so far i had her since October. I can say that she is everything i wanted in my first GS. She is a rescue, practically (even though i did not get her in a shelter) and i did get her out of a bad situation.... i was told she is 3 yrs old, she was malnourished and neglected when i got her (not by the person i got her from), the guy couldn't take care of her bcs his other dog was constantly attacking her. Sooo i stepped in and took her in. well skip 3 months and she is healthy and gained weight very slowly (she used to be only handle 1 cup of food a day , now she eats 3-4 cups a day ) and is doing wonderfully. I got another dog his name is Max (almost 4 yr old shih tzu mix) had him since he was a puppy, and also my first dog. Well i seem to have introduced my dogs now how about myself? can just read my biography i'm far too lazy to write about myself.... Oh and one more thing, Hello everyone and i am glad to be a part of this place now, hugs are welcomed
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