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Leash walking! (how to stop pulling?)

I have an almost seven month old GSD (Germany) and boy is he a bundle of energy! This is my first time owning a GSD but I researched before adopting him so sort of knew what to expect. Iíve been training him on all the basics since the first day we brought him home four months ago and heís really smart and tends to pick up quickly, but the thing that I canít seem to master is walking on a leash. I made the dumb mistake of taking him out for a walk a few times and allowing him to pull me because I didnít know any better, but Iíve since stopped and am now trying to correct my mistakes.

This is what happens when I try to train him though: First, if I even get the leash out he ignores everything Iíve ever taught him about not jumping up on me and jumps up and tries to grab it. Then heíll bite at it as Iím trying to clip it on to him. Once I have it on, sometimes heíll think itís play time and just plop on down and start chewing on it or playing tug-of-war and/or rolling around on the ground. When we finally do get to the Ďwalkingí part even in my backyard he becomes super distracted and stops listening after a few short seconds. And around our other dogs he suddenly becomes a lot more harassing and Ďaggressiveí while on the leash compared to when heís not.
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