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I understand I havent had a puppy since 200 when Daisy came to us at almost 9 weks old. Daisy was so attuned to her people smart to the point of scary but hard headed ,correction really didnt change her mind re what she wanted. She was a guardian ,a thief extrordinaire and a problem solver . protective loved those who she saw as her people . She was 39 months old when we got Lucky. Lucky is a sweet lower drive Forrest Gump. Handsome ,sweet ,ball crazy and pretty compliant. The two worked well. Daisy was smaller but would grab a ball and walk past Lucky when she wanted his chewie. Lucky would follow her drop the chewie to get his ball. Daisy would take the chewie and hide it for later. Two hours later Lucky would sit at the closet door where the chews were kept cause he just figured out his chew was gone. I like a boy and agirl shepherd together. I think Daisy and Lucky worked well as two dog family because they were opposite. I currently have Forrest (Lucky) and Chevy, who is cantankerous and mouthy and Thinder who despite what the vet says is hard of hearing . Neither has had any training. The mixture is not terrible but three all on the not terribly bright side makes their needs all the same and that make it hard. Daisy's needs were always alittle different then Lucky's and that made things easier to manage. I dont have alot of experience but that's my take on building the pack. I loved your Beast and Boy stories. Those will be enornmous pawprints to fill.

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