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9 Week old Puppy W/ Parvo Day by day

I have always owned large breed dogs and have been very careful with them. However I recently purchased a new puppy (Carter) as a companion for my year old puppy (Caleb). I live in China and a lot of things get lost in translation. I have always understood the severity of Parvo and have been very cautious.

When I bought Carter I immediately took him to the vet for an all clear before taking him into the house with my baby Caleb. Vet tested with swaps and all came back negative. I request vaccinations and was told he had to be in my house for a week before he could receive vaccines.

10:00pm The day before first symptoms began, came home from work puppy was sleeping peacefully made my way into the bedroom to take puppies out for evening walk. We return home both dogs eat. Once we lay down I notice that Carter is not as active as he had been the previous two days with us. He goes to sleep on the floor next the bed.

Day 1 Tuesday Symptoms show
2am We go downstairs to take my oldest dog outside. When we return around 30 mins later I again notice that my normally active puppy is more cuddle bunny and sluggish than his **** on wheels self. About 3 am he vomits for the first time I clean the mess readjust him on the sheet on the floor thinking perhaps he at too much or the new dog food didn't agree with his stomach. 20 mins later he vomits yet again I once more clean the mess but begin to focus more intently on the puppy as does my older dog. 10 mins later he vomits again. During this time continues to stand and follow me around when I begin to clean his vomit and get mops and whatnot tail waging. We all go to sleep at about 4:15 around 5 I wake because I smell something not a strong odor but not a normal smell either. There is diarrhea on the floor from the puppy. I go to get the mop and bleach and Carter (puppy) sits by the stairs waiting. I know something is really wrong at this point. He had diarrhea two more times followed by a solid but mucus filled turd. At around 9:45 as I finished getting dressed the puppy showed a desire to eat and drink. By 10am we are sitting in the vet office (both dogs though they are separated) Swap test confirms Parvo. After the initial panic for my older dog Caleb who I was informed was not as vulnerable to the virus due to vaccinations and age. I refocused on Carter who while moving about not as active as normal in what I would say was a more lethargic manner. The vet drew blood to check his levels and he was immediately place on an IV cocktail that included:Metronidazole Sodium Chloride Inj. 0.2% 250ml, Synulox RTU inj. 10ml, and Amoxicillin Clavulanic Acid(175.0 mg) for Systemic Infection | Oral | 12.5 mg/kg * 4.60 Kg =57.50 mg. I decide to have the vet keep both dogs, Carter for treatment and Caleb so I could thoroughly bleach my house. Carters vitals: Heart Rate: 180, Respiratory Rate: 26, Temperature: 39.3 C, Capillary Refill Time [In Sec.]:less than 2 sec. His white blood cell count is high.
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