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Differentiating Barking

My boy is pretty good about behaving indoors and even when he barks outside if I start to walk another way he will usually leave alone whatever he is barking at. The other night he met a friends 1 y.o. shepherd and thank goodness their dog was very patient and well behaved he barked and lunged at this dog for at least 30 mins straight. Once we let them get close enough he sniffed the other dogs and exchanged a few licks and went back to barking...The other dog just kind of looked at him and looked around the room as if trying to show Chief he himself was not a threat. Very few times did Chief calm down enough he would listen and respond to commands. when we introduced a ball in hope of them playing I left my guy on a leash and whenever he cannot catch another dogs he bites at the hind legsand shoulders. I am worried one of these times he is going to get himself in trouble with the other dogs...I am thinking socialization classes wouldn't be a bad choice....He doesn't introduce himself very well. We went on a walk with my other friends Pitbull and when they met the pit got low and didn't tolerate his barking and kind of went on the defense bared teeth and snapped (This ALWAYS get Chief going and he does not backoff), as we walked they were totally fine...

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