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One year old and starting to get aggressive..

Hey all,
Zeek is a year and a month now and he was never an aggressive dog. Anyways about 7 months ago I moved from Florida to Michigan (I'm in the military and got stationed here.) He came along with me and at my station I was allowed to keep him until I got a place to live. Anyways he was very friendly with all my co workers you could touch him from outside the crate and he wouldn't try to bite or anything. Anyone could pet/touch him and take him out of the crate and play with him and he wouldn't care. Anyways about 6 months ago, when I moved from the station to my new place and had to have a the maintance guy come in to fix the dishwasher and the movers to get all my stuff moved him, he started to bark non-stop, and when I would lock him in the room he would scratch at the door and wouldn't stop. I finally would just let him out to sniff the people and he was okay. Then it got worse, when I would take him to work and he was in the crate and some co workers would touch him thru the outside of the crate he would snap at them and try to bite. Now about a week ago..i had a friend he's never met come over and hang out. Well Zeek got very aggressive would not stop growling and showing his teeth, and barking and I decided to let him try to sniff her and he just snapped at her and almost bit her, so I held him by his collar and all he did was basically stare at her and sit right infront of me.. I put him in the room and he basically tore of all the paint to my door from scratch it so much. I need help. I don't know what to do.

Also I forgot to mention, he has never EVER been aggressive towards me, or my family. In fact my parents and sister just visited from 10 days with my sisters 5-month old german shepherd and they got along wonderful. Zeek is not aggressive towards other dogs, he plays just fine with them. He isn't aggressive towards my roomate either. Could it be because he has known my roomate, parents and sister since he was a baby? Also he isn't aggressive about his food.

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