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Default New owner of two GSD!

I have always liked German Shepherds and I finally have a great place for them. I bought a house on 80 acres with springs and a nice creek. My nearest neighbor is a mile away. I found two great GSD. I found a female here in Tennessee that was born in March 2013 and a male in Arkansas born in April 2013. They are both AKC registered. They are named Rambo and Sadie. Rambo is 9 months old and weighs 90 lbs, Sadie is 10 months and weighs 70 lbs. They are the best of friends.

I do have a question about coat color. Sadie is mostly black with some red markings. Rambo is black and tan. The question is about Rambo's coat color. The hair is his saddle had black tips with some red/tan and silver throughout. I was wondering if this is normal and what it would be called. Does he have a touch of sable in him? I will include pics of them both. I'm also thinking about breeding them in a couple of years. What do you think the pups would look like? Thanks!
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