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Cyber Bully forum

Many of you are completely cyber bullies. You all treat me like I'm stupid. I do not have any mental issues just because I think differently. I hate to go back to elementary school and do the tatetail thing. I told a little bit what is going on this forum and someone else and they told me most of you are being plain wrong. I could show them everything on this forum if I could and you may be in trouble. I wouldn't be surprised if my parents or my aunt to post how awful all of you guys are. My aunt and my parents doesn't like your disrespect you are giving me. You got one more chance to be nice to me and apologize and respect that it is fine for somebody to think differently. You don't put people down for that unless they find animal cruelty fine. I am against all racism, sexism, specism, slavery, slave labor, all that treats humans and animals alike poorly. There is a vegan dog kibble bag specially made for dogs only and dogs lived to be in their 20s from this bag. It is boring to have the same in disguise philosophy or to think the same when all of us are different. The only reason why I probably explode is because of all your cyber bullying. You are no better than school. I hang out with plenty of people and love the people I meet High School drama friends mean the world, dog park human friends mean the world, Tae Kwon Do friends mean a lot, and even my dog and my dog friends mean a lot. I shouldn't believe what any of you say about me. All of you act like you got all the answers just because you are adults. This means you lived longer know everything and more powerful than teens. My generation and future generations will team up to put an end to animal cruelty, end homeless for people and dogs, racism, save the environment, slave labor, and many more world conflicts.
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