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What is pinning? (for Hip Displasia)

We adopted a rescue from a shelter in Chicago. His hip xrays there were OK, per the shelter volunteer vet. Took him to our vet, they got X-rays and he has dysplasia. Took him to a GSD vet and she agreed. Our trainer keeps talking about "pinning". I'm not sure what she means by that. Rudy is 11 months old,about 87 lb. Rarely, his leg will give out. I can't tell you if he gets up "slow", he takes awhile to untangle himself, but doesn't seem slow. We give him omega 3s, glucosamine-chondroitin, Rimadyl every other day.
Advice and info regarding "pinning" would be helpful. We are committed to this guy, but were stunned to hear the prices of THR. We had huskies for years and never had hip issues, so I'm unfamiliar. Just trying to weigh all options.
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