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Refusing to walk all of a sudden!!

Hi all,

My 11 month old GSD Kaiser is very good on leash, walks well and rarely pulls (unless he has his eye on a tasty duck at the lake).

Until the last week.

He blatantly refuses to move for some reason. The second we go out the front door he ploks himself on the ground and will not budge. If I open the car door, he gets excited and jumps in.

I can live with that, not walking him around home BUT when we get to a park/oval etc he will walk maybe 50 metres from the car then plonk himself down again. Refusing to budge.

If I turn around and head towards the car he will happily walk along. If I then turn around again he will not budge!

Nothing bad or scary has happened to him on any of the walks we have been on. He is well socialized and is good around most dogs and people.

Is this just a phase he is going through at his age?? Its as if he feels the need to be at home and protect it or something??

Any help appreciated.
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