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Wanted opinion on my story

I've frequented this website in the past for information about my puppy in the past, however, today is my first post after a incident with leaving my dog in the car. I typically think things through when it comes to my dog, and I thought I had this time as well, but I wanted some objective opinions from other GSD owners in the case that I am in the wrong. Also maybe it'll act as a warning for others.

I was at the supermarket and I had left my dog alone in the car. The current weather outside feels like -30c(-22F) without windshield -20c(-4F). I had left her in the car for around an hour and a half when I came back to check on her. Coming back to my car I found two people asking me if it was my dog in the car. After which they told me things like I didn't deserve my car and that I was cruel for putting my dog through this. I tried telling them that she does well in the cold, but they didn't listen and drove off.

Getting in the car I noticed that Sophie's leash was off. I had not left it that way when I had left as I keep it on. I do this because there's a much higher risk that she'll jump out when i open the door rather than her choking on something the in the car. I am pretty sure that the people somehow opened my car and also went through my stuff (perhaps to get my name and address). How they managed this I don't know even though I am certain that the doors were locked. After 15 minutes the police showed up. I explained the situation to them; they seemed satisfied and left shortly.

Sophie is a long haired GSD, and from past experiences I would say that she loves the snow and the cold. I have to make sure that she is near something cool (e.g. slightly open window) otherwise she starts panting and looks uncomfortable. When my power went for a few days and the temperature in my house reached -15c and lower she was fine for the night. As a side note I can't leave her alone for more than 15 minutes in summer (this is an assumption as the most I've left her outside in summer is 10 minutes).

Anyways I was wondering what people thought about my situation. Moreover, I hope that this is a cautionary about people with more heart than sense.

Left dog that does ok in cold weather in my car. People entered my car and called cops.
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