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Default Handling A Dog Who Does Not Like to Be Touched!

I bought a GSD about three years ago from a good breeder who breeds nice German show lines. My idea was to show her in conformation but as soon as we got her, I realized that she is definitely a classic "aloof with strangers" type. I spent hours and hours out socializing her but she still barks (hair up) when she walks by other dogs and often her hair goes up a little when she meet people although its not aggression but I believe its more of a fear.
With the dogs I can understand her being upset because I have come across too many people who just let their dogs walk right up to mine and bark wildly in their faces - some not even on leashes. I never let my dogs greet other dogs in such a fashion but I cannot stop others from coming up to me with their dogs and it creates quite a chaotic experience. I am thinking of enrolling her in a local class that works specifically on dog to dog interactions.
As for the people, I don't know why she still responds like this as we have worked on her forever in this area. Anyway, I was wondering if any show people could put their two cents in on whether or not a dog like this should be shown in conformation or should I look for another area that I can work with her in? I'm guessing that not all GSDs in the show ring are outgoing so what do you do with a dog who is most certainly not outgoing? I've got a friend who has had a similar story although she is working with a Belgian Shepherd. Anyway, last show her dog whirled around when the judge touched her in the back and they had to leave the ring. I don't want this experience and was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts? I'm not new to owning dogs but I am new to the breed and showing. Signing another one of my dogs up for our first conformation class this week actually!
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