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switching kibble, options

Right now Drago is about 60 lbs and coming up on ten months old, eating TOTW. He has been on it since we got him, and he has a beautiful shiny coat, but we are looking to change his kibble. The reasons are that he just does not care for TOTW, and I would like him to have a bit more enthusiasm and appetite come meal time. Since he will not finish a bowl in one sitting he has been grazing and I would like to end that. Also when he goes poo in the morning, there is a lot, and it would be nice to see what other kibbles can do for him.

We went to all the local pet stores to look at our options and read the ingredients and checked prices. In no particular order here are what we think we liked the most:

Holistic SELECT

We were able to find options in these brands that had no fillers, no controversial ingredients, and in our price range. Any thoughts on these three? I am most interested in Holistic SELECT.
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