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Crates as well as using baby gates to block off parts of your house are great. Also, when your GSD does ruin/destroy something let them know how much it upset you. Show them the item and really let your hurtful (meaning how sad you are with your verbal and facial expressions) emotions be shown. I have an almost 5 month old GDS who has eaten shoes, stairs (exposing the wood under the carpet), area carpets, pictures, clothing, our wood trim, various items I display, our wedding candle, plants in the yard, my cell phone, the back seat upholstery of our jeep and cat flea medication! She has even attacked our 3 cats! Now, for the most part she knows who is in charge and knows that if she does eat/scratch/etc. something she will be blocked off from my husband and I or be put in the crate.....before taking the plunge to give your baby up get a crate and some baby gates.....

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