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Originally Posted by loulabelle23 View Post
But I mean he is soooo disobedient im not even making this up my brother trains him shows me how to because he does it and jake listens for 2 minutes then doesnt bother he mouths alot as well but eating things and peoples things is pushing me to the edge also hrs pulling on lead which id killing my arm

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Breathe! You'll be ok . He really, really needs training and exercise. This is their prime age for being "teenagers", so crating is also extremely important. Start small- he has to sit before meals or going out the door. Do obedience work a few times a day with him... it'll not only work his brain and teach him impulse control but it will help him bond with you and be more inclined to listen to you. He can't be obedient if he doesn't know how, and he needs a LOT of exercise. I'm not kidding when I say this breed needs a lot of exercise and a lot of training. Everything you describe, from the destruction to the mouthiness, indicates a bored dog.

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