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Question Stay away from someone who lives with us

So I just moved back in with my parents. While I was gone my Grandpa moved in. He is a grumpy old man to say the least, convinced Veda is a coyote and belongs outside. He's old and grew up in a time and country where all dogs belonged outside and were used for work only, not a part of the family, etc.
Our older dog Jack has been smacked and kicked by Grandpa enough he knows to stay out of his way and ignore him now. Veda doesn't. When he comes out of his room, I have to hold her back to keep her away from him. We put up gates to keep Veda and Grandpa separated throughout the house but if he needs to use the kitchen or whatever that doesn't really work. I can't always be there when he decides to come out of wherever he's been at the time and that worries me. He kicked Veda for the first time the other day (because "this GD coyote" was in his way) and I nearly smacked him. I've already asked him to just ignore her and if she's doing anything that's bothering him to just let me know. He forgets things and also chooses to ignore other things so I don't really know what to do
Is there any way to train my puppy to stay away from him? I feel like I'm constantly distracting her or holding her back to keep her away.
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