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IDEAL age to breed?

I'm so far away from ever breeding, but I've got a couple questions specifically regarding breeding age for females.

I know most people say 2 years at the earliest, assuming she's had her hips/elbows checked and bloodwork done and has been titled. But what is really generally the BEST age? My girl is 16 months and I really don't see her mature enough to breed this fall after we have her hips evaluated, unless she's about to grow up a LOT in the next few months (or is my dog weird for still being a bit immature at this point?). She could be titled within the year, I'm the only thing holding her back. So forgetting what's possible, what is "ideal?" The more I become immersed in the breed, the more it seems like 3 years would be a better goal to avoid immature bitches? Or am I just completely missing something? You can call me an idiot if you like, I AM pretty new to all this :-P
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