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How did you find/and or choose your breeder?

There is another thread where discussions are "would you refer people on this forum to specific breeders"?

Instead of hijacking that thread further I brought it here and hope people will share their opinions.

I will only give my referral for those I have had direct contact with ie. purchased a puppy myself. If breeder information is posted I have no problem pointing out what I think is good or bad but only my opinion.

I would like to see more people talk about their experiences with their breeders, both good and bad. I know how difficult it can be to find a good breeder, been there. I have years of experience with purebred dogs both as pets in the show and obedience ring. When I lost my last Siberian Husky at 14, my husband said it was his turn to pick what breed of dog we would have next. When he said GSD I was OMGGGG could you pick a sicklier breed!?!?!. I began the long search, months of phone calls and following up references. I talked to some total nutbars, one of which I swear was Lobobear...exact same views. I was learning about the 2 breeds within the breed and settled on our first GSD being a showline. I had thoughts of heading back into the showing, most definately obedience and agility. I found what I thought was a reputable breeder. Kennel unannounced (I know i am bad). I was comfortable, I called the references she supplied to me, everything looked good. Dogs were accomplished in both the show, obedience ring. Some Sieger wins etc. (found out that was false, borrowed trophies or fake). I was very up front with my expectations. Floyd was our first GSD. Over standard at a lean 98lbs, EPI, Giardia, skin allergies, dog aggressive, weak nerves and worst of all he was people aggressive to anyone with dark skin but ohhhh how handsome he was!! His aggressiveness made him a huge liability. My kids could not walk him until he was almost 7 years old....same year we lost him to Hemangiosarcoma. When I called the breeder to let her know we were losing him she told me he was the first she had lost to Hemangiosarcoma. With 20+ litters a year I just couldn't believe her. I later found out from a trainer that there have been multiple dogs from this kennel that have died from Hemangiosarcoma, 2 tge same age as Floyd. It reminded me of my conversation with her when Floyd was diagnosed with EPI "he will outgrow it" she said.
My family was devastated, even with all his problems we loved our Floyd. Just typing this brings tears to my eyes. He was intelligent and ohhh so loyal. My kids were devastated, we were a mess.

I told my husband never again would I get a GSD. I started looking for a breed that was simular but healthier. I felt even with my dog experience, I was tricked and I was now not confident with my ability to find a hood GSD breeder. Every search I did for simular characteristics brought me back to the GSD.

Finally a member here suggested I contact Carmspack kennels. I did and the rest is history. Gus is now over a year. I can honestly say he is the healthiest dog I have owned thus far. He is everything she said he would be. She has joined me in his tracking training sessions. Sends him and I gifts. Invites me into her home with open caring arms and I know she will always be there for me and for Gus. Helped me to understand and relax about raw feeding so I could continue comfortably.

Why shouldn't I feel free to reccommend her to anyone looking for a GSD? Why shouldn't I be able to scream out to everyone that she has healthy GSD's that are true to the breed standard?

I know there are more good breeders out there so why can't this place be a good place for people to start their search? With so many GSD owners in one place, this place is golden!!

I wish I could publicly announce Floyd's breeder and his issues. Breeders should be accountable. To me, fair is fair.

Carmspack Gus

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