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Major grooming day!

Since we adopted a black coatie in desperate need of de-matting and a VERY good wash I thought I would make today "grooming day," assuming I'd be done in a couple hours. Yeah, right. My short haired girl was easy enough, she just blew her coat last week and took a basic bath and brush. The poor coatie boy though...he's just going to be a work in progress until I can get him to a professional. Poor guy's matting is worse than I thought, I don't think he'd been brushed in several months :-(

It took 20 minutes to get my girl done after she dried. An hour later working on this wonderfully patient dog (we haven't even gotten to the bath part yet!) this is what I had:

Major grooming day!-1389120815599.jpg
(Can you tell which hair belongs to what dog? Lol)

And there's still several days worth of the same, I'm sure. Poor guy, he's already looking better though. Here's his "before" picture:

Major grooming day!-1389120905274.jpg

I'll post an after if we both survive this!
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