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Shepherd being neglected?

So I live temporarily with my boyfriend in his families house. Here we have his mom, brother, grandmother and grandfather. His grandmother has a GSD named Inka, who is a half-aunt to my puppy GSD. My puppies dad, is Inka's half brother. When I first met Inka, I loved her. Until I asked how old she was. This is is four years old, and she looks like shes ten!! When I got to know more about her, I was told in her "prime" (about a year ago...) she knew and responded to over 70 commands (English and German). The dog now has what looks like black skin disease on parts of her, hot spots, rough and ugly looking fur, VERY dirty ears, and nails so long that I don't know how she walks. She is kept in the house ALL DAY except to go out twice to pee. She's fed kibbles and bits and given no attention. Infact, she is usually sent away from her owner because she "smells" or has "crusties" because her skin is so dry. Can all of her issues be from physical and emotional neglect?

The first three pictures are from when they first brought her home a little over a year ago. The last two are of her now, the very last one being her laying next to my puppy.
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