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Doorbell for doggy to tell us he has to potty?

Anyone have experience with using a doggy doorbell for house training? I don't mean the christmas type (sleigh bells) that you hang on the front door, I mean an actual electronic chime type device that you teach the dog to touch when he has to go outside. It's the same concept as the sleigh bells, but my dog happens to go crazy with sleigh bells. He loves them and thinks they are the greatest toy ever. Therefore, completely useless to me as a training aid since it completely distracts him from anything to do with potty. He wants to rip them off the door and chase them around the house until they are dead. LOL. He's doing great with house training, but only if I catch him and bring him out in time. He does not bark, scratch or door or do anything else that is an indicator for me that he has to go out. He will be 11 wks old on Friday. Maybe he's still too young to give me the message that he has to go potty? At any rate, let me know your thoughts on this.
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