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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
Huge red flag on the breeder not wanting to raise the pups because mom is now weaning them(and that is the normal age for pups to start weaning) I'd get my deposit back if possible. If the breeder isn't making any effort in keeping the puppies clean and well nourished from 5-8 weeks, what else is the breeder shortcutting on.
In many states it is illegal to sell pups before 8 weeks of age. I wouldn't support this "breeder"
Can't get the deposit back. I wrote up a contract for both of us. Well, realistically, I probably could. They're a very nice family. They are taking care of the dogs as well; not worried about that.

This was their first litter that just, kind of, happened. They weren't expecting it.

I can appreciate the disdain for BYBs and I wouldn't have agreed to buy from one had I known all of the issues with them beforehand (found this site too late), but it is what it is. I get regular photos from them and he always looks well taken care of. They have offered for us to stop by any time we'd like.

So, backing out isn't an option. They are more than willing to keep the pup longer, to the full 8 weeks. I just need some help with my concerns about the other pups being released earlier. Thanks.
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