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"Bringing him home" dilemma

We've got a deposit on our pup and are DYING to bring him home! However, we definitely want what's best for him and are faced with a minor problem. He's 4 1/2 weeks right now (born 12/7/13).

I was just texting with the breeder (not true breeders BTW, but they had a litter with their two GSDs) and she mentioned she was thinking of letting the pups go home to their owners around 6 weeks. I've read enough on the forums here to know that 8 weeks seems to be the minimum, and law in some areas, for socialization. (Looked it up, it is not law here unless they are licensed breeders/store, etc)

She said the pups have all had their teeth come in and bit mom enough during feeding that she won't feed them anymore. She said the pups are eating a mix of soft, solid food/puppy formula, and are playing with their littermates and cuddle well with the people in the house.

I told her we'd like to keep him there until he's 8 weeks, but if she lets all the others go at 6 weeks and he's the last one there, will that be good for him? Should we just bring him home once he's the last one left?

I learned some valuable things a bit late, unfortunately, including buying from a reputable breeder, having parents tested (health problems/history?), etc. Didn't know about that until after we put our deposit down. So, all that said, it is what it is. Supposedly, both mom and dad are full-blood, registered, and Luger will have papers. I do NOT know if the parents have been medically tested for problems, unfortunately. That's behind us now and we can't do anything about it- we'll just love Luger no matter what.

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