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Originally Posted by evybear15 View Post
This one has me stumped. Baxter loves playing out in the snow, and would do so for hours if I stayed out throwing his wubba. Obviously, we don't stay out THAT long, because I start to freeze...

We're getting some crazy cold weather here in Ohio, like much of the rest of the country. Temps have been 0 to -10, but the "feels like" temp keeps hovering around -25. Baxter hasn't experienced cold like this before, and we've only been going outside long enough for him to pee/poo. That said, he only seems to be able to do one. After that, his back legs almost seem to get incredibly stiff, and he just curls up and lays down on the ground. He's completely fine once we're back in the house.

Do you think this is JUST the cold weather, and maybe his paws are just too cold? Or something more concerning? I'm only out with him for maybe 5 minutes before he starts doing this, probably much less than that - it just FEELS like forever given the current weather.

Temps will start to go back up in a few days, so I'm sure I'll be able to tell then, but I worry about my boy, so I thought I'd check in with all of you before getting him checked by a vet. If he were doing it more often, or not recovering and bouncing back to his normal self once inside, we'd have already been over to see the vet.
I noticed some "strange" behavior from my shep as well this winter. She'll lay down outside and keep her paws off the subzero surfaces or at times lift a paw off the ground ( snow, ice, etc). I asked other folks in the neighborhood who have dogs and they seem to view this behavior as "normal" when it gets bitterly cold....we have had temps without windchill down to -25. I put some boots on my gal when we go out and it makes all the difference plus it helps keep the chemicals ( ice melt ) they put on the streets off her paws.

This is my pooch's first real winter and of course she loves the snow and cold but those subzero surfaces their pads are on has to be a shocker after any length of time.

Hopefully, you have nothing to worry about and all will return to normal when the temperatures do.

Acclimation to frigid temperatures is the way to go in climates where one can do this. In other regions, severe changes in temps can affect a dog in numerous fashions.

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