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afraid of noises and won't sleep

Our GSD will not sleep in his own bed anymore and because of this no one in the house is sleeping either. It started on new years eve, there was a lot of nose (fireworks, screaming kids outside etc.) He seemed to be a bit scared that night and jumped into my sisters bed to sleep and slept the night there, he usually does this when its thundering but goes back to his bed the next night normally. The problem this time is that he's been doing this since NYE and seems to be afraid of every little sound the house makes (the click of the AC, creaking of tv settling at night hard wind against the windows especially). What can I do to get him to go back to his normal sleeping patterns and letting us sleep in or own beds? He does not have a crate to go into but has a few sleeping spots he always goes to sleep to. please help!! i cant go another night without sleeping!
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