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New here, advice welcome.

Hi all. I want to become a great GSD breeder. I, of course, need your help. Pros and cons, I'm open and willing to listen. First, a little background on my situation.

I bought my female GSD from a reputable breeder. She had talked in the past about showing me the 'ropes'. I'm going to learn as much from her as I can. I'm also going to try getting my girl a title, or at least trying, because she's very smart and quick learner. Great temperament. She'll be 2 in February, and we'll be getting hips certified, blood tests, etc. I will also be offering lifetime return for my pups to new owners.

So, I have a couple questions, please.

1. What goes into getting my un-spayed GSD in an event, etc? Do I have to cancel taking her if she goes into estrus? (I only ask that because she went into estrus late this cycle, by 2 months).

2. Please list good links or references for all things breeding/competing/training my GSD. (She has basic obedience down.) Books are great too, if you know of any.

3. Where can I find a good contract and questionnaire/interview for the new owners.

4. I've been looking at information at, is that a good and reliable place?

I know from reading other posts some of you are a little more 'in your face' with wake up calls and others are more relaxed, but I honestly (and kindly) ask for it all.

I am still not 100 percent sure I will need her, and if course it depends on what the tests say, but if all that's good, I would like to try my hand at bettering the breed. I know it's lots of work, and when I am interested in something, I study and research lots.

Thank you for your time.

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