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German shepherds

Who do you want your German shepherd? I want a companion who is loyal, playful, energetic, outgoing, ready to do anything, easily trainable, don't mind if he is sorta aloof, lovable and can't describe in words well. One who is willing to do anything. He will be trained with Positive Reinforcement only NO dominance. Can't believe I fell for that manipulative Cesar Millan dominance training at one time. I will love my dogs who ever they are. I don't mind what color he can be any that is the least concerns. He/she will be solid temperament, guaranteed health, a fitting personality, list goes on. He will not miss out and will understand my philosphy of now or future's. A different idealistic that stands out from the majority. One that has without any regrets. Just following the majority who follows the same single philosophy seems silly. I made my mistake of humanizing dogs, but I learned from my mistake not to make that same mistake again. Just love learning more learn something new almost everyday. No longer just sit in the house trying to cuddle unless it is night time and we are tired or one of us are sick in bed or just getting discharge from the hospital recovering from infections. I am going to be known as the greatest hero dog whisperer and help out animals! I am a dreamer, a ninja, a splendid dog handler hokage level, a main character. Handle dogs who are shy, aggressive, leash reactive, had challenges. German shepherds are more docile than beagles, toy poodles, maltese, chiuhuahau, little kids, Brian Griffin, and etc. Comparing me to handle a beagle rather than a German shepherd feels offensive. What is your ideal German shepherd?
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