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Default Am I raising a huge dog?

My pup, Zoey, just turned 7 months and was 65.8 pounds at the vet today! I she going to be humongous? Has anybody else had a female this large at 7 months.

She is 24 inches tall at the shoulders. You can easily see her where she thins from her ribs to her hips from the top and there is a tuck up into her tummy when looking from the side. We do at least an hour of play time outside each day. We live on 76 acres so we play alot of fetch around the property and even play on a hill with a large jolly ball so she gets extra excercise.

Her daily diet is 5 cups of puppy food mixed with organic dog food. She gets the occassional raw cut.

Her dad is a working line dog and was 100 pounds and her mom was around 70 pounds.

Any ideas or thoughts would be great. The pics below were from about a month ago. I will try and post updated pics tomorrow if needed.

CIMG0286.jpg Photo by berginator33 | Photobucket
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