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Question puppy stubborn?

Hi All, first time here and also first time GSD owner. First time puppy owner also, had other dogs before but always got them older. Pup is 10 wks old. I am already in love with him! Have lots of "is this normal" questions. I could easily write a novel of questions, but there must be a limit here so I'll try to do one at a time.
Is he just stubborn? Sometimes he does not want to go outside to potty, he will plop down at the door and refuse to go outside. Coaxing with treats, toys, etc doesnt work, I have to carry him out. Then we encounter the brick pavers on the way to the grass. He acts like an ant-eater, nose glued to the ground and wants to eat the mildew that grows between the bricks and eat every tiny pebble he can find, which are plentiful between the cracks of the bricks. I worry his belly is going to fill with little rocks. I try everything I can think of to lead him to the grass, but seems he has a one track mind. My husband is going to pressure wash the area to remove the mildew and pebbles, then it will only be sand in between the bricks. I hope that will help
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