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Originally Posted by wolfy dog View Post
It may be a phase but you need to step in and literally step in between both dogs. I had a dog like her and what I would do is to body block the bully from the dog she was bullying to teach her that I "owned" that dog. If I sat down and she interfered with me petting another dog, I would put her in a down stay. Not harsh but consistent. That did work.
Forget about "Alpha bitch". True Alpha dogs are calm and confident and do not bully.
Give her plenty of exercise and crate time and your Bulldog some private time with you. Up her obedience kills as well. Can you try herding or treib bal?

When did your situation start and how long did it last?

Myah is spot-on and aims to please in every other way.

Oh, and let me add....sometimes, the bulldog is in the wrong. He wants to assert himself as important and will come into a room and stare at her. Therefore, when Myah hears him even close, she curbs him, promptly. But they both have to stop. Ugh.

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