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ahh, i see.

I misinterpreted

I'm the same, when I use a prong, it goes on and sometimes I use it in a session, sometimes not, sometimes just to play etc. So, like you, it becomes something that is associated with everything.

My corrections are always corrections, verbal, flat, time out, prong etc. They know it's from me and I don't like what they just did.

When people get into trouble is when they just use a collar to correct. Not that it always results in a cowering dog, but i've seen plenty of people over the years bring their dog out to work on the "trial" field so they bring it out like they're going to trial, the dog is out of control and they go get their ecollar or prong and you can see the change in the dog immediately. It knows what's coming.

Or even more simple, a leash. how many dogs have you seen over the years "out" perfectly, until there is no leash and as soon as the handler clips a leash back on it's perfect

Those dogs are conditioned too

or my problem, put a leash on and they want to pull like crazy because the only time I ever had them leashed was for bitework all conditioned dogs
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