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who cares? You have to be the one that is happy with YOUR dog and how YOU train right? If you get to where you want to go what difference does it make

But should you decide want to use one, and you just put it on one day and start correcting, they are certainly going to know what the collar is for. Just because it's on doesn't mean you have to use it and people are going to look at you funny for having it on and not using it, others will think things of you because you do have it on, regardless if a leash has ever been connected to it or not. these people don't matter.

It's the same with crates. I recommend EVERYONE crate train every single dog as soon as they get it. I don't care if you're "never" going to keep your dog in a crate, should you find a reason to be gone, travel, have a dog in a crate at a show, trial, friends house, hotel, vet clinic etc. I like my dogs to have that good foundation first where I can control it for "just in case"

if you make the prong mean nothing, it will help if you ever decide to use it in your training. If you don't do it now, you'll have to do it later, or you run the risk of teaching your dog to be collar wise
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