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Training Without a Prong

Opinions? I'm currently trying to learn as much as I can so I can start our future pup out on the right foot. I know I've heard before (which is really great advice) that any correction collar you are going to use in the future, you want to start on your dog BEFORE ever getting to the point of corrections, so the dog doesn't make the connection between the two. The thing of it is, I would really prefer training without a prong if at all possible. I understand this tends to take longer, but I'm ok with that since we're not going to be going after any high titles, just to have fun.

So I was wondering if any of you have trained without a prong and how you've found the process with your dog. Is it something we can work at, then change our minds later if we feel it necessary? I would think it would sort of be the same as conditioning a dog to get used to a muzzle, so long as the dog was introduced to the collar in "normal" settings before actually using it for corrections. Am I going to be looked at like I'm crazy if I don't want to use one?

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