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Interesting, I've read about dogs aligning themselves a certain way when relieving themselves. There are lots of species they've found that are conscience of the magnetic fields, marine mammals and birds are two that come to mind. Animals are fascinating. The ability of a dog's nose/scent.

A police k9 instructor explained a dog's nose to me in a very interesting way. He said, when we are in a fast food parking lot, we humans can smell the general "smell" of fast food being cooked. A dog can smell the burgers, sesame seeds, mustard, ketchup...he can smell all the individual things. That our capabilities of scent are the equvalent of a quarter placed on a picnic table. The area of the picnic table is the dog's capabilites, the area of the quarter is ours. There are probably so many aspects of this world that we don't know about because we can't feel them.

Although, it is a little comical that the way we are studying how dogs feel out a magnetic field by looking at the direction the dogs poop, haha. When I had to study birds in undergrad (I hate birds and ornithology...the only species I really don't care for lol) there were theories that magnetic fields effected migration, and the same with the marine mammals. Marine mammals were the most fascinating to me because they are some of the most under-studied species due to the inability to study them.

TOTAL tangent, but did you know that grey whales have been found with giant squid sucker scars on their bodies. The theory is that there are literal "battles" between giant squids and grey whales in the greatest depths of the oceans. Obviously no one has seen this, only the ramifications of a fight in scars on the whales....still fascinating. Don't even get me started on echolocation, a total different way of "seeing the world" and sensing more than just objects, but inside objects. It's said dolphins can "sense" a pregnancy, and other "conditions" when confronted with them in an individual. Very interesting.

Sorry, this post went can literally see my ADD brain going all over the place with this subject haha.

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