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Aspiring GSD owner

Hello all,

I just joined this site and forum so I can do as much research and receive as much feedback/advice as I can, as I look to make my final decision in getting the beloved German Shepherd.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew, I'm a 28 year old bartender. I live with 3 other guys who are around the same age. We all live in in a sizeable apartment in a nice, up-and-coming part of Philadelphia. I hold a degree from an accredited university, which I am not really doing anything with (not that that has any relevance to owning a dog, but I figured I'd give everyone a full background on myself.) All 3 of my roommates like dogs, and have no problem with my decision in getting one. I was raised with 2 lab mixes, both of which are still alive (surprisingly), who are great all around dogs and the loves of my life, so I'm no stranger around dogs at all and have experience in living with them.

Basically, in a nutshell, I want to know if I'm getting in over my head in getting a GSD. Or if I should adopt instead of getting a puppy. I'd much rather get a puppy in the sense that I could establish a bond early and avoid developing any bad habits as much as I can. My schedule for the most part, I consider open. I usually have off sun-tues, off wed nights, and I'm home during the day till about 6 thurs-sat. I know being a bartender I have to work nights and I sometimes don'tt get home till 4am (I'm actually writing this now as I get ready for work, so please excuse the grammar infractions lol). My roommates are willing to coordinate with me as far as taking him/her for walks while still in its younger phase until it gets house-broken and able to hold it's bladder for an undetermined amount of hours. I have a pretty active lifestyle...i exercise regularly, run etc.

Is there anyone on here that has had or in a similar situation? Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'd much rather like to hear from people who are experts in this matter, but anyone can feel free to chime in. Hope to hear from you all!

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