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handler soft and Soft dog info wanted

I was wondering if anyone else here has experience with a handler soft or even just soft dogs. I tried researching on the internet but theres not much information on it, especially for GSDs.

My 11 month old GSD still uses a flat collar. Ive only leash corrected him one time by popping the collar, the first time at 7 months by the trainer at which time he yelped and flew into my leg , Since the trainer was so close to me, he might have thought I did it. I was less than a foot away. The second time I popped the collar , and you would have thought i had just ran over his best friend , he just laid down and looked disinterested. I had to get his ball to perk him up. From reading everything here, hes a soft dog.
FYI: My son however can pop his collar when walking him and he doesnt mind too much, he just looks back and falls inline. So, I dunno maybe Im doing something wrong.

Any info on soft dogs would be appreciated.
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