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Unhappy Puppy not excited to do training.

I read an article and get motivated. I'm super excited to train my puppy these new tricks!

Did not walk him yet, and the weather is icky right now so not walking him today.

I'd expect him to be super hyper. I walk through my door and he's sleeping. It's fine, because he wakes up when he heard the door close!

I go downstairs to refill his water bowl in the kitchen and he slowly walks down, like sleepily.

It's hours from then (2:11pm now) and he's still so calm!!! He's sleeping at this moment!
He is 6 months old and knows a few commands: sit, paw, bite (bites the air where I direct him), up (jump, most often jump on me), and sort-of down (I move my hand towards me as I do "paw" and he goes into down position). Also he knows the command "speak" but almost never do it - he looks away when I do the command.

I have this medium sized chair that he can crawl through (He did it before) and wanted to teach him to go under, over, around, etc. I start by sitting opposite side from him, and call him over. He went to sleep and still sleeping as of right now. Is he depressed?

Nothing changed in schedule, or anything in the house. He's so extremely calm except when his brother is around. But I have tried training them while together - did not end well. They were too focused on chasing each other.
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