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Question Afraid of other dogs and people

I need help with Lola... I've be socializing her since I got her. I always take her out with me to Petsmart and take her on walks with me where I know they'll be other dogs and people. We haven't encountered a mean or unruly dog, as most of the people around here are very responsible when it comes to their dogs.

Lola gets along really well with my 9 year old mixed breed (who is about 85 pounds) and gets along with my sisters 10 year old rat terrier. She also gets along really well with my friends 3 year old lab. So I know she likes other dogs.

However, when we are hiking and run into other people and dogs she barks like crazy. Yesterday we ran into an older really friendly golden who was off leash on the trail we walk on. The owner was close by and we've seen this dog several times and I knew he was dog friendly and Lola wasn't phased by him before. But Lola freaked out!! The dog just smelled her and Lola started whining and cowering. I tried to say it's okay and pet her then gave her a treat once the owner came and got his golden, which now I'm not sure if I just reinforced that behavior. She also had done that behavior several weeks before with my friends 10 month old lab mix (which is huge and a little too hyper and not the best trained) but I figured that was because of the other dog coming on too strong. My friend got her dog crated and Lola hasn't seen him since.

Then there's the problem with people. Anytime we see people coming in our direction I always move over and have Lola sit. Some of the time she's really great and I reward her with a treat and we go on our way. However, the other times she'll bark like crazy at them! Even after they pass. Then she'll pull on the leash even though before we passed people she was fine.

I took her out about a week ago. I went for a run then came back to get her for a walk. As I was getting her a few of my running friends came up and Lola would not stop barking at them. She just sits there and barks at them. No lunging towards them or anything so at least that part is good. There's just no settling her.

I have her registered for obedience that was suppose to start today but was cancelled due to weather so we start next week. I'm afraid she's just going to go crazy with the other dogs.

I've given her treats and try to redirect her attention but no luck.

Any suggestions??
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